FurAffinity Downloader, now with 100% more Python
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Python rewrite has been released, I would appreciate it if some people would try it out. It lives on the python branch

FurAffinity Downloader

furaffinity-dl is a bash script for batch downloading of galleries and favorites from furaffinity.net users. It was written for preservation of culture, to counter the people nuking their galleries every once a while.

Supports all known submission types: images, texts and audio.


Coreutils, bash and wget are the only dependencies. However if you want to embed metadata into files you will need eyed3 and exiftool

furaffinity-dl was tested only on Linux. It should also work on Mac and BSDs. Windows users can get it to work via Microsoft’s WSL. Cygwin is not supported.


Make it executable with chmod +x faraffinity-dl And then run it with ./furaffinity-dl section/username

All files from the given section and user will be downloaded to the current directory.


./furaffinity-dl gallery/mylafox

./furaffinity-dl -o mylasArt gallery/mylafox

./furaffinity-dl -o koulsFavs favorites/koul

For a full list of command line arguemnts use ./furaffinity-dl -h.

You can also log in to download restricted content. To do that, log in to FurAffinity in your web browser, export cookies to a file from your web browser in Netscape format (there are extensions to do that for Firefox and for Chrome/Vivaldi) and pass them to the script as a second parameter, like this:

./furaffinity-dl -c /path/to/your/cookies.txt gallery/gonnaneedabiggerboat


  • Download user bio, post tags and ideally user comments


It is your own responsibility to check whether batch downloading is allowed by FurAffinity’s terms of service and to abide by them. For further disclaimers see LICENSE.